Bug Abroad: Home Again, Home Again (Days 8-10)


Day 8: Homeward. We were loathe to leave San Jose despite the morning gangs’ encouragement to scram. Stretching out our sleepy breakfast as long as possible, we indulged in the morning light, the breakfast of perfection (oh hell yes I ate that yogurt and fruit and banana bread, who do you think I am?), the coffee, and the company, until the anxiety of possibly missing our shuttle to the airport pushed us to finish packing. By 10:30am, our shuttle wound through the streets of San Jose, stopping to pick up a number of other passengers before hitting the highway toward the airport.

The drive to the airport showed off the most appealing part of San Jose: the city sits in a bowl of mountains, peaks of green connected by the threads of jungle that interrupt city streets without warning. It’s an easy place to find yourself distracted by the beauty peaking around buildings and quiet neighborhood corners. Every turn we took offered the possibility of another breathtaking view. Simply lovely.

Security screening in Costa Rica was thorough, but we made it through in a fraction of the time it ultimately took to get back into the US at the Atlanta airport. Our flights were uneventful, and I managed to not sing along to the Hamilton soundtrack loud enough to disturb other passengers too badly. (Cam may have been embarrassed; if he was, he was kind enough not to mention it.) New Orleans was nearly as warm as San Jose was at our departure. We arrived back at the house with enough spare energy to warrant a little kick-back time before falling into a well-earned sleep.

Days 9 & 10: New Orleans, NorthWest. I spent a couple of days in New Orleans, working separately from but alongside Cam. (Seriously, folks, if you’re really committed to your job and have been accused of/diagnosed with being a workaholic, find your tribe… and utilize your similarities to boost your productivity. It’s insanely rewarding.) Our time was relatively low-key, while we both caught up with tasks to prepare for the coming days. It was nice to have yet another step of reintegration back into life as I know it before jumping into the deep end of the daily life pool. I left on Tuesday evening, taking a somewhat bumpy plane to Seattle, then back to Eugene in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Returning home is a lovely feeling. And it’s nice to feel that, after this trip, there is another location I think I just might be able to call home… even if it’s a touch more humid than I’m used to.

Actually, I have to be honest: I love the humidity. Warm air, cool breeze, curly hair. Perfect.
We’ll be back, Costa Rica. We’ll be back.



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