Adventures Away!

Another several months away from blogging, including several months of feeling guilty for not writing. Quite a bit has happened–another show, another move, some emotional turmoil, etc.–but I’ve not written it down. There’s something about writing that scares me. My fear is mostly of my own insufficiency–but I’m a terrible writer! How is writing going to help? What about what I miss writing down? Who cares what I have to say? Add that to a habit of pushing off self-care (which is what I would consider writing time), and you’ve got the perfect combination of elements to get a neglected blog.

However, in honor of both 1) Chelsea, whose very existence inspires me to write and to live a life worth writing about, and 2) Cullen, who called me out on my consistent mentions over the last year of “yeah, I have to do some chores and I really need to work on my blog,” I’m going to try to jump start my writing in the next couple of weeks!

My leading excuse for writing this week: I’m going to Costa Rica! If I don’t write about this experience, who knows when I’ll get up the gumption to get writing. I’m not sure how many of my posts will be much in the way of text, or how many photos I’ll manage to take. My goal is to post *something* on this blog regarding every couple days of travel. Hopefully I’ll give you a reason to check out this space over the next several days and get myself in a regular enough writing mode that my posts will pick up some speed.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll do a little retroactive posting about the events of the last several months… but let’s take this one day at a time.


One thought on “Adventures Away!

  1. I’m similarly trying to recommit to my blog. I started a new one in September, designed to be a blend of teaching/education, plus fashion, personal musings. I did well a few months, and fell away, feeling like it was all either too personal, or too boring. Recommitting, it’s challenging.

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