The #PWN30 Blog

A long day of breakfast, bus travel, finding our AirBnB, festival wandering, and finding our late-arriving compatriot was capped by whiskey and cheesecake at a Portland brew-pub. After a successful #epic29 year around the sun, it was time to admit I was launching into new territory. As with most of my plans, I started with a little research, asking questions of my most trusted sources.
“So, explain to me how to do this ’30’ thing. What do I need to know?”

“Own it. PWN it.”

IMG_5964To recap, here are a few highlights from my 29th go-round:
My most epic birthday week of yester-year
– A second 2nd-row Ben Folds concert (PDX)
– Four more concerts featuring The California Honeydrops (#7, 8, 9, & 10!) with the SRP guys
Disneyland with one of my best friends and my god-kids
– Diving into the Leadership Eugene-Springfield program
Directing The Pillowmanincluding an achievement award for my directing work

Discovering a love for running (and getting put off it in the spring due to injury)
– A trip to Denver for the Colorado New Play Summit and regional KCACTF
A trip to NOLA, because Cam lives there and Miles was visiting and I had time
Recording with SRP (we’re mixing! tunes coming as quick as we can!)
– Directing Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
– Finally seeing Keb Mo live
Meeting M, an absolute unicorn of magic and love and awesome
A trip to NOLA with M, because we could, featuring 4 days off plus an epic 18 hours in Denver International–and we still like each other!

Not an easy list to top.

And, now, my #PWN30 year around the sun commences. The last month and a half have already been extraordinary (more on that in a following post). More than anything, I want to own who I am, do what I love,  and continue to challenge myself and the rest of the world. Otherwise, whatever will I do with my time?

T out.


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