Spring Update

So much happening! A review, by way of an update on my 2016 goals:

IMG_46131) Run like there’s no fucking tomorrow; run one organized event per month and one half-marathon this year.
I have grown to love running. It’s tough and sometimes it hurts like the devil and I hate that I’m not as fast as I want to be and I love it… which is why the last several weeks have been especially tough.

Back in February, my body decided that running hurt my ankles to the point that the soreness made it hard to walk. Reluctantly, I took a break, opting for less frequent outings, more yoga, alternating my running shoes and power-walking more often. The changed behavior helped, but I’d not quite gotten back to my usual self. Stretching and possibly some massage was the plan.

Then I hurt my back. In my sleep, apparently. Because clumsy knows no boundaries. Getting out of bed, razors shot from my lower back through my hips and abdomen. Movement of any kind hurt. Sitting hurt. Laying down mostly hurt, unless I could maneuver my pillows and blankets to support my body just so. Adjusting to try to find comfort hurt. Sneezing was awful. Considering symptoms and consulting internet resources, I seem to have some kind of sciatica/pinched nerve in my lower back.

The pain has lasted nearly four weeks but lessened–and loosened–after some massage. Walking mostly doesn’t hurt, though sneezing is still a bitch. I’m trying to leave myself more time for sleep and treat my body more gently while I figure out how to heal. Suffice to say: I haven’t run in weeks. No organized runs in February or March. <sad trombone> I’m going to have so much more work to do to get back to where I was (12-15 mi/wk, up to 3-7mi/run). But I will. Because I miss feeling my body work, turning up my music and tuning out from the day’s to-do list.

Revamped goal: run a half-marathon this year, whenever or however that happens. I’ll work to be well and training soon enough to do the (virtual) Beat the Blerch half-marathon with some friends in town.

2) GTFO: take at least one major trip for pleasure.
So, this happened.IMG_5012

Before the whole pinched-back-nerve incident, I found myself approaching a surprisingly empty weekend. With a bandmate already spending a couple of weeks in New Orleans, another loved one living there, a wild hair, a desperate need to refresh, and, vitally, mom’s “You’re not crazy” certification, I purchased a ticket on Friday morning and was in NOLA by 8am Saturday.

Music, food, drinks, kindness, and a heartbeat matched by second-line bands. That city has run away with my heart. Can’t wait to go back.

3) Create, you fucking artist: write a song, feel competent at an instrument, write one blog post a month.
A little behind on the blog posting portion (obviously), though I intend to fix that with the installation of internet at my house. It only took me 2.5 years to finally make room in my personal budget for this line item, and I think it will be a worthwhile investment that will also enable other activities: music playing–better access to chords and tutorials, working from home–so I can spend more time at home, blogging–more likely to type and hit “post” than pre-write elsewhere and try to remember to post from another locale… yes.

I’ve been cast in a summer production that will require some live music playing, and my uke is (and hands are) already getting a workout in preparation. To paraphrase Duke Ellington: don’t give me inspiration, give me a deadline.

That NOLA trip did give me some inspiration, though. I’ve been writing lyrics, kept faithfully in my Motown Museum journal as they form. (Chels–my thanks are unending for your wonderful gift!) And SRP has been recording, which I’ll talk about more after the thing is mixed and ready for public consumption.

IMG_16604) #Epic29, motherfuckers: set the bar high, actualize radical self-love. Setting the bar high is my M.O. The self love bit is tough, especially while my capacity for some of my usual activities is hindered (see: running). But there’s tons of time before my 29th year turns to a new decade. Here’s to continuing the good habits I’ve built and discovering alternative ways to remember that I glow like the stars currently sparkling overhead, as I write this from my back porch.

Spring has sprung.


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